• Mark 5:34


"Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your affliction."

Mark 5:34


Jesus spoke these words to the woman who had suffered for 12 years with hemorrhaging.  She had tried everything, yet her bleeding worsened.  Her community ostracized her as an unclean woman.

Upon hearing about Jesus, she thought to herself, "If only I could touch His cloak, I will be well."

Upon her touch, Jesus feels the power leave his body and questions who has touched him.  Once he sees her, he speaks words of healing to the desperate woman.

Her faith in his power healed her.  Her need was so great that she laid it all at his feet.  She didn't expect words.  She didn't expect his attention, just a touch of his clothing.

I want my belief in Jesus to be so solid that even though I touch his garment, I know his healing and grace.

I haven't had to endure severe health issues at this point in my life, but I've known the afflictions of shame, regret, sadness, and loss.  And, I, like the hemorrhaging woman, suffered for years, believing that I couldn't be healed.  My faith suffered due to my belief that I was unworthy of God's touch.

Then, one day, during my morning bible study, God opened my eyes to how I was holding on to my suffering.  He revealed to me my lack of belief in his complete healing in my life.

I was free to see myself as God sees me - His daughter, whom he loves, heals, and cares for.  I was able to lay down my afflictions and listen to the words of the Holy Spirit.

I know that not all afflictions get healed.  God has a plan for each of our lives, and his plan may differ from our desire.  But, our faith is the one thing that can see us through our suffering.

If we read God's word, listen for the Holy Spirit, and pray for peace through Jesus, we will experience God's healing love, no matter the outcome.





Dear God, we pray that when we are afflicted with pain and suffering, our faith in your healing powers will answer our prayers.  We know that our desires may not be yours, but let our faith be strong and your will be done.  In Jesus' name, we pray.  Amen.

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